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    Deloitte TMT Predictions

    News about Deloitte TMT Predictions.

    Deloitte: Mobile payment volumes to increase 1000% in 2015

    January 14th, 2015

    In-store mobile payments will increase by more than 1,000% worldwide this year with 5% of the world’s smartphones being used to make a payment in a store at least once a month, up from under… More

    200m NFC phones in 2012

    January 25th, 2012

    There will be 200m phones with built-in NFC technology by the end of 2012, according to the new edition of Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions report. “Even if 2012 turns out to be no more than a ‘transitional year’ for mobile payments, the NFC chips will not go to waste,” say the management consultants. “There are thousands of applications of NFC — from gambling, to games to healthcare — that could build up a head of steam over the course of the year, even if the media continues to focus on the ‘digital wallet’.”