Survey: Market fragmentation is holding back the adoption of mobile payments in Canada

Fragmentation, lack of interest to blame for poor mobile payments adoption in Canada — MobileSyrup — “While almost half of Canadians made a contactless purchase with their debit or credit card, the percentage of mobile payments users for platforms like Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay is in the low single digits — even though awareness is “relatively high,” with roughly half of those polled stating they were aware of one of the big three platforms.”

Moneris study reveals 36% contactless payment increase in Canada

Moneris study reveals 36% contactless payment increase in Canada — MobileSyrup – “Moneris unveiled a 36.29% year-over-year gain, possibly due to Android Pay recently launching in Canada, and with little more than a year since Apple Pay’s full Canadian release… Within the next five and a half months Moneris predicts that 50% of all Canadian transactions will be contactless.”

Telus prepares to launch NFC

Canadian mobile network operator Telus is to begin making NFC SIMs available to subscribers on 10 October, according to an internal document seen by Mobile Syrup, marking the start of its NFC rollout... More

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