Nokia commits to an NFC future, but retailers are set to rebel

OPINION: The Finnish phone giant has become the first major manufacturer to commit to building NFC into its devices, with the announcement that all its new smartphones will come with the technology built-in from 2011. Just as one problem seems to have been solved, however, a new battlefield is now emerging in the retail payments space. More

Turkey, France and China move towards NFC adoption

OPINION: News from Turkey, France and China this week indicates that the NFC market is now beginning to gather pace around the world, as both mobile network operators and banks in more and more countries commit to working together to make near field communication based services a reality. More

Apple’s mobile commerce ambitions are set to kickstart NFC

OPINION: While the steady stream of new NFC patent applications from Apple over the last few months has been interesting, it has been important to not get too excited — there’s a big difference between a company filing a patent application and actually building a new technology into its products. This week, however, everything has changed. More

Banks get serious about NFC

OPINION: Interest in near field communication is gathering pace in the financial services sector, fuelled by the arrival of NFC-enabled microSD cards and a recognition that there is a business model to be found — so long as you look for it hard enough. More

2010 will be a critical year for NFC

OPINION: 2010 is set to be a key year for NFC as mobile network operators, banks and potential service providers switch from small scale trials to pre-commercial pilots in readiness for the first commercial launches in 2011.  More

NFC takes centre stage in Paris

OPINION: The Cartes show in Paris this week was a hotbed of new NFC product launches, firmly putting it on the list of must-attend events for anyone looking to keep on top of developments in the NFC industry. More

A year is a short time in NFC

OPINION: It was a year ago this week that we began publishing Near Field Communications World. A year on, we’re sending out today’s newsletter to more than 8,000 people and our website has served visitors from over 150 countries around the world. More

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