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    Three in 10 use mobile for Pay with Amazon purchases

    February 8th, 2017

    Nearly a third (32%) of all transactions made through Pay with Amazon — the service that lets customers make online payments on third-party merchant websites using the information already stored in their Amazon account — were done on a mobile device in 2016. More than 33m people have now used the service to make a purchase, with its payment volume nearly doubling last year.

    Amazon’s Gauthier: NFC is “last century’s problem”

    May 19th, 2015

    “Anyone working on NFC is focusing on last century’s problem,” Patrick Gauthier, the new vice president of payments at Amazon, has told Mashable in an interview in which he also indicates that he believes competitors in the mobile payments space — including Apple and Google — have “lost sight of what it is we’re here to do.” Until January, Gauthier headed up emerging retail services at PayPal, a company once anti-NFC which now appears to have changed its mind about the technology.