O2 Academy music venues to provide test beds for NFC

Mobile operator O2 has signed a deal which will see eleven major music venues across the UK rebranded as an ‘O2 Academy’. O2 will offer customers a series of benefits such as priority access to tickets and will use the venues to test a range of NFC-based services. More

TfL reports to London Assembly on future of Oyster

Transport for London now looks pretty set on its plan to replace its prepaid Oyster contactless card system with a bank-card compatible solution. Both contactless bank cards and NFC are options being considered and TfL will definitely outsource delivery of the new system to the private sector More

Oulu, the little city with big ideas

If you’ve been keeping an eye on NFC you’ll have noticed that a lot of innovative experimentation is taking place in the Finnish town of Oulu. And if you’ve been wondering why a place you’ve otherwise never heard of is at the forefront of testing NFC concepts, an article in Computing magazine now has the explanation you’ve been looking for… More

Mobile ticketing to reach 410m users by 2013

Within five years 410 million people will be mobile ticketing users says Juniper Research. Bar code reading issues, lack of reader infrastructure and the availability of NFC handsets means that most of the forecast users will be using their phone to store a ticket they bought elsewhere rather than using their phone to make the purchase. NFC will only reach its tipping point in 2011-2013… More

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