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17 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 17 April 2015, 15:19

German carriers and retailers promote NFC mobile payments in Berlin


The largest NFC mobile payment initiative in Germany to date has launched in the capital Berlin, as the country’s three mobile network operators, Vodafone Germany, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica, team up with six major retail groups to update more than 2,000 point-of-sale terminals to support NFC payments in nearly 500 stores.

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17 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 17 April 2015, 14:55

Jawbone adds NFC payments to fitness trackers with AmEx

Wearable device maker Jawbone has unveiled a fitness tracking wristband that can be linked to the wearer’s American Express card account and used to make NFC payments.

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15 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 15 April 2015, 14:30

Kairos mechanical smartwatches get NFC payments

Luxury watchmaker Kairos is to add NFC payments to its hybrid “mechanical smartwatches” and smart wristbands using a host card emulation-based wearable payments solution from German payments technology provider Wirecard.

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15 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 15 April 2015, 12:03

KFC serves up mobile payments in Ghana

KFC is letting customers use their phones to pay for meals through mobile network operator Airtel’s mobile money platform in five of the fast-food chain’s stores in Accra, Ghana.

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14 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 14 April 2015, 06:12

SIMalliance: NFC SIM shipments up 69% in 2014

A total of 4.7bn SIMs were shipped in 2014 by members of the SIMalliance, an organisation that represents suppliers responsible for 86% of the global SIM market, including 132m NFC SIMs, up 69% on 2013 and taking the total number of NFC SIMs shipped by alliance members over the past four years to 256m.

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10 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 10 April 2015, 19:17

Europeans back banks for mobile payments

Some 185m Europeans will use a mobile payment app this year, up 51% on 2014, a survey of 14,000 consumers for ING has revealed, and respondents say they are far more likely to use apps associated with their bank for mobile payments (59%) over ‘named groups’ such as Apple or Google (39%).

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9 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 9 April 2015, 15:48

Oxfam tests NFC for donations and content sharing

Oxfam is to trial NFC-enabled interactive posters, wristbands and collection tins in UK towns to let supporters make donations and see video content highlighting the charity’s work using their NFC phones.

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9 April 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 9 April 2015, 15:31

NFC to connect Shanghai smart business district

A landmark one square kilometre “smart business district” in Shanghai will use NFC as part of a strategy to network every office, hotel, apartment block, shopping mall and residential property within the area when construction is complete in 2017.

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31 March 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 31 March 2015, 16:15

Apple Pay users report merchant POS problems

Two in three Apple Pay users have encountered a problem when attempting to pay with the mobile payment service in a store, a survey from Phoenix Marketing International reveals. Most issues related to terminals not working or taking too long to make the transaction, inaccurate posting of transactions, or the inability of cashiers to help buyers needing assistance when using Apple Pay.

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31 March 2015 • By Sarah Clark • Last updated 31 March 2015, 13:24

New Zealand NFC wallet venture Semble goes live

Close to one million New Zealanders now have the ability to make NFC payments with the nationwide launch of Semble, a SIM-based mobile wallet introduced by two New Zealand banks, three carriers and payments network Paymark.

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News in brief

Half of digital tickets will be bought on mobile by 2019

By Rian Boden • 17 April 2015, 13:02 • Last updated 17 April 2015, 13:02

More than one in two digital tickets will be bought using a mobile handset by 2019, Juniper Research has forecast. Global ticket purchases via mobile and desktop devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs, will reach 32bn in the same period, up from an estimated 16.2bn this year. Findings also reveal that one in three airline boarding passes will be issued via mobile devices by the same year.

Jawbone to add NFC payments?

By Mike Clark • 15 April 2015, 17:27 • Last updated 15 April 2015, 17:27

Wearable device maker Jawbone could be about to add NFC payment capabilities to its fitness trackers. The company is expected to announce a mobile payments partnership with American Express this week, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Sabadell HCE wallet to go live in July

By Rian Boden • 14 April 2015, 13:44 • Last updated 14 April 2015, 13:44

Spain’s Banco Sabadell is to make its HCE-based mobile payments service, developed in partnership with MasterCard, available to customers in July. The launch follows a pilot conducted with the bank’s employees using a platform provided by Carta Worldwide. “To use Sabadell Wallet, users will have to have a smartphone with Android operating system (at least in Kitkat version) and NFC availability,” the bank says.

SnapScan rolls out beacon payments in South Africa

By Rian Boden • 13 April 2015, 11:25 • Last updated 13 April 2015, 11:25

South African mobile payments company SnapScan has rolled out Bluetooth beacon based in-store mobile payments at 50 merchants in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The SnapBeacons system pops up a “pay here” button on the customer’s phone as they come within range of a store’s beacon. “SnapScan customers can now simply tap a button in the app to initiate the transaction via Bluetooth,” Ventureburn explains. “A message on the customer’s phone will alert them when the option is available.”

Ebay outlines terms of PayPal split

By Rian Boden • 10 April 2015, 19:27 • Last updated 10 April 2015, 19:27

eBay will be prevented from setting up its own payments company when it spins off PayPal to operate as a standalone business later this year, an SEC filing has revealed. An operating agreement which will remain in effect for six years will allow eBay to offer customers alternative payment providers as long as the company ensures that roughly 80% of its sales continue to be routed through PayPal.

Microsoft seeks US payments licenses

By Mike Clark • 10 April 2015, 15:04 • Last updated 10 April 2015, 15:04

Microsoft could be poised to enter the payments business after it emerged the software giant has applied for licenses to operate as a money transmitter in all 50 US states. Idaho has become the first state to grant a license to Microsoft Payments Inc. The company revealed last month it will include support for HCE mobile payments in the mobile version of its forthcoming Windows 10 operating system.

Brainwave biometrics to arrive in three years

By Mike Clark • 10 April 2015, 14:33 • Last updated 10 April 2015, 14:33

Consumers could be able to authenticate themselves using brain wave and heart beat bio-signals from as soon as February 2018. The Korea Internet & Security Agency is to develop standards for the next-generation biometric technologies, and has set up a research committee which includes university hospitals and leaders from the telecommunications and biometrics industries, WhowiredKorea reports.

Barclays offers Apple Watch app

By Christopher Brown • 10 April 2015, 13:14 • Last updated 10 April 2015, 13:14

Barclays has unveiled an Apple Watch app which will let customers check their current account balance when the watch goes on sale in the UK on April 24. Customers will be able to check the balance of up to five accounts linked to the Barclays Mobile Banking app, which the user can swipe through to view. “The extension of our popular mobile app on Apple Watch will allow customers to keep track of their money wherever they are,” said Matt Hammerstein, head of customer and client experience at Barclays.

French banks begin HCE payments pilot

By Rian Boden • 1 April 2015, 12:33 • Last updated 1 April 2015, 12:33

BNP Paribas, Groupe BPCE, La Banque Postale and Société Générale have begun piloting HCE mobile payment services with Visa Europe and payment and transaction services provider Worldline. The plans were first announced in November last year and will let users make mobile payments at nearly 400,000 contactless point-of-sale terminals across the country.

Alibaba checks in simple hotel booking

By Rian Boden • 1 April 2015, 12:10 • Last updated 1 April 2015, 12:10

Hotel customers with high credit scores will be able to book rooms on Alibaba’s online travel booking platform Alitrip without having to provide their credit card for room deposits and bypass check-out with payments automatically deducted from their Alipay accounts. The Post Post Pay service, launched by Alitrip and Sesame Credit, the Alibaba-related Ant Financial Services Group credit agency, will be available in some 5,500 hotels in China, Alizila reports, including Starwood, Shangri-La, Jinling, New Century and Landison.

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