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About NFC World

NFC World is the leading business news source for the international near field communication industry.

Sarah Clark, editor, NFC World

EDITOR: Sarah Clark has researched and reported on cards, payments and mobile for more than 25 years

We’re not engaged in the sale of any other products, hardware or software in the NFC market — we’re a media company, not a vendor.

We’re independently held and have no affiliation to any other organisation.

We’re clearly excited by the possibilities NFC holds, but our editorial point of view is totally objective and we have no axe to grind. As a media operation in the traditional mould, we report facts and shy away from rumour, speculation and opinion.

NFC World is produced by qualified journalists who are employed full-time by SJB Research. We strive to deliver news that is accurate, timely, useful and concise. Our news stories are packed with carefully considered links and cross references to give the reader a tightly woven narrative and one-click access to the full back-story on every item.

NFC World is provided as a free resource for executives in organisations that supply, buy, or use NFC-based products, to enable information and knowledge exchange, the free flow of ideas and to promote the general growth of NFC both as a technology and a business.

We also produce a compact and informative weekly email newsletter that rounds up the latest developments in the global NFC business. It’s free to receive and the circulation list reads like an international who’s who of the NFC and contactless world. You can sign up to get it here.

This website is financed through sponsors and advertisers, who are able to take advantage of a variety of means to promote themselves to NFC World’s readers. As with all credible media outlets, sponsors and advertisers have no influence over NFC World’s editorial content or processes.

We also use the detailed market knowledge and contacts we gain while putting together NFC World in preparing paid research-led products and reports, including The Mobile Wallet Report, NFC Business Models, The NFC Market 2012, NFC Technologies and Systems, NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment and our flagship research report, The NFC Report.

NFC World is published by SJB Research, a long-established business information publishing company that is well-known in the worldwide mobile and payment cards industries.

Your editor is Sarah Clark, a respected technology analyst who has reported on the payments industry and the mobile market for more than 25 years. Sarah researched and wrote the world’s first research report on smart cards in 1986 and, as founder and group publisher of SJB Research, started the respected industry newsletter Card Technology Today in 1989.

Published 21 December 2007, 14:23 by Mike Clark

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