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SimplyTapp is a card issuer solution provider for cloud based payments.

SimplyTapp pioneered host card emulation (HCE) for NFC payments on Android devices and worked closely with Google on incorporating the technology into the operating system.

We use an open architecture to enable card present payments inside your mobile application and work with card issuers, acquirers, and mobile application developers around the world.

See how SimplyTapp’s HCE platform helps with secure onboarding of mobile wallets at ATMs

ATM manufacturer Diebold has teamed up with SimplyTapp to offer banks a way to use their ATM network to add a layer of card present security to their mobile wallet provisioning process.

This video shows how Diebold’s hardware technology and SimplyTapp’s HCE-enabled cloud-based payments platform puts cash and mobile innovation back in the hands of banks and their customers:

How exactly does the mobile wallet ATM onboarding solution work? Watch and see for yourself:

Ask the experts…

These executives from SimplyTapp are on the NFC World+ Expert Panel and are ready to answer your questions:

Doug Yeager • CEO

Doug Yeager, CEOA technical specialist with a deep understanding of NFC and Android, Doug wrote the first HCE patch for CyanogenMod Android phones in 2011.

Doug is happy to answer questions around HCE and cloud-based payments, operating systems, firmware and payment specifications.

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Ted Fifelski • President

Ted Fifelski, PresidentTed Fifelski is president and co-founder of SimplyTapp. Overseeing marketing and business development, Ted is empowering more banks and card issuers with easy-to-deploy mobile NFC payments services for their customers.

Ted is happy to answer questions around digital payment and mobile wallets, product deployment and implementation, cloud-based strategy, EMV, NFC, HCE, tokenization, mobile transactions and credentials.

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MingLi Liu • Director of Software Engineering

MingLi Liu, Director of Software EngineeringMing is the director of software engineering at SimplyTapp, and develops HCE payment solutions.

Ming is happy to answer questions around host card emulation, cryptography, and the implementation of standards and specifications relating to NFC, contactless, ISO, EMV, GlobalPlatform, Java Card, MIFARE, and UICC OTA provisioning.

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From the SimplyTapp blog…

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