Patent litigation settlement boosts 2D barcode market

Two of the leading players in the 2D barcode market, tied up in litigation battles since 2004, have finally settled their differences.

NeoMedia Technologies and Scanbuy have agreed to terminate all pending litigation brought by NeoMedia against Scanbuy, and by Scanbuy and Marshall Feature Recognition against NeoMedia.

The battle between the pair has hindered the adoption of either company’s solutions and held back the adoption of 2D barcodes in the US in particular. Now the two have granted each other a mixture of non-exclusive patent licenses, removing a substantial barrier to the use of the companies’ technologies.

“The agreement between NeoMedia and Scanbuy removes the final roadblock to rapid commercialization of mobile barcodes in the US,” says Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia. “We are literally dropping the green flag for brands, retailers and mobile operators to join the race towards mobile barcodes becoming a fixture in every consumer’s daily routine.”