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    About NFC World

    NFC World reports on the emerging technologies that are transforming how consumers choose what to buy, who to buy from, and how to pay.

    Founded in 2008 as Near Field Communications World, we now cover the latest developments in NFC as well as an array of emerging online-to-offline technologies including mobile payments, blockchain, biometrics, augmented reality, Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacons, acoustics, light-based communications, digital watermarks, bio-sensors and more.

    Our news reports and weekly email newsletter provide our business-oriented audience with accurate, authoritative and independent information on:

    1. The emerging technologies creating new ways for banks, merchants, brands, carriers and platform providers to serve their customers.
    2. Innovative products, services and use cases that shine a light on how these technologies can be used to transform the customer experience, save costs and generate new revenue streams.
    3. The latest market trends, including moves by the leading players in the field around the world, consumer surveys, forecasts and adoption data.

    NFC World editor Christopher BrownNFC World is published by SJB Research and is produced by a team of qualified journalists led by editor Christopher Brown.

    Christopher is an award-winning journalist and joined the NFC World team in October 2016 from BBC News Online where he was Senior Broadcast Journalist.

    He has previously been an assistant editor at The Independent newspaper in London, as well as deputy chief sub-editor at the Western Daily Press. He is also the founder and former editor of Bristol24-7 – an independent online newspaper which twice won South West Regional Website of the Year awards and was runner up in the UK’s national Online Media Awards for best regional online newspaper.

    NFC World’s news reporting is provided as a free resource, financed through a range of sponsorship and advertising services that enable industry suppliers to connect with new customers and promote their products and services to our more than 100,000 unique monthly visitors.

    Editorial policy

    Our goal is to help busy executives understand the complex issues surrounding emerging technologies so they can gain a clear understanding of how the latest innovations can benefit their business.

    NFC World coverage is built on solid market knowledge, familiarity with technology and regular dialogue with key players. We never just publish a press release and we never publish an article we don’t understand. Instead, whenever there is an important development, we talk to those involved so we have a clear understanding of the issues — and so do our readers.

    • To submit news items to our editorial team or find out how your business can benefit from partnering with NFC World, please contact us — we’ll be happy to help.

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