PayPal: “NFC will fail to gain mass adoption”

PayPal president David Marcus
MARCUS: “The NFC payments debate will slowly die in 2013”

In a blog post entitled “Looking Ahead to 2013”, PayPal president David Marcus sets out his “thought starters, perhaps predictions, for 2013” — and at the top of the four-point list is “NFC will fail to gain mass adoption”.

“The NFC payments debate will slowly die in 2013,” he writes. “Is tapping a phone on a terminal any easier than swiping a credit card? I don’t think so – it’s not solving a real consumer problem and its not providing additional value to encourage me (or anyone else for that matter) to change my behavior.”

Other key trends for 2013, says Marcus, will be: The payments, loyalty and coupons businesses will merge, the cash register will go mobile and the emergence of new experiences that go beyond check-in.

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