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    Stel tracks laundry via NFC

    Stel's RFID/NFC laundry tags

    TAGS: Laundry is permanently tagged with RFID buttons that can be read with an NFC phone

    Spanish technology integrator Stel Solutions has developed a service that uses NFC tags attached to garments to reduce handling errors when items are sent for cleaning.

    The NFC tags used in the Stel Laundry system store information on the type of garment, its owner and its destination and are affixed to clothing in the form of small buttons. They are then read during the laundering process using a ‘smart table’ that contains an NFC reader pad and is also used for folding clothes.

    Ownership information for lost and misplaced items can also be read by an NFC phone.

    A video created by Stel shows the concept in action:

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