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    Garanti Bank launches NFC payments in Romania

    Seamless and Garanti Bank

    Customers of Turkey-based Garanti Bank in Romania can now use their mobile phones to make payments in the capital city of Bucharest. The service uses Seamless’ Seqr payments platform, enabling merchants to accept mobile payments by placing a sticker containing an NFC tag and a QR code at the point of sale.

    More than 200 merchants are signed up to offer Seqr in the coming months and those live today include Subway, Bata shoe shops and For Family convenience stores, Bierhaus 67 and AVE Hotels. The service will then be rolled out to other cities in Romania, Seamless says.

    “We have a unique offer to merchants through the significant decrease in interchange fees independent from existing payment card infrastructures,” says Seamless CEO Peter Fredell. “This, together with an easy to use app, is an attractive mobile payment solution for merchants all over the world.

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