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    Video shows Bankinter’s HCE payments service in action


    The HCE-based NFC payments solution to be deployed by Spain’s Bankinter this year has been demonstrated by the bank’s Alberto Perez Lafuente and technology provider Seglan’s Imanol Garcia in a video interview filmed by Visa Europe at MWC 2014.

    The video shows how the Bankinter wallet application can create a virtual EMV card that can be used for a single payment transaction. The service is then shown in use with a standard contactless POS terminal.

    “Our expectation is to try to launch this commercially as soon as possible,” Lafuente explains:

    • Nadie

      Seglan despide a 4 trabajadores en Noviembre de 2013 alegando causas economicas, y baja el sueldo a toda la plantilla restante.

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