Chromecast to use ultrasonic connectivity to pair mobiles and TVs

Google’s Chromecast media streamer, which enables users to send shows, movies, music and more to large screens, is to use a new ultrasonic connectivity technology to enable mobile devices to be paired with a Chromecast-equipped television, GigaOm reports.

CONNECTIVITY: Chromecast streaming stick plays a unique ultrasonic sound

“The new pairing feature will enable users to cast their content even if their phone is connected to a mobile network,” GigaOm says.

“To enable this, Chromecast owners have to first allow support for nearby devices. After that, any user in the vicinity of a Chromecast can request from within any cast-enabled app. The Chromecast streaming stick then plays a unique ultrasonic sound through the TV’s loudspeakers.

“That sound won’t be audible by human ears, but a mobile device in the same room will be able to pick it up and pair with the TV. Alternatively there will also be a four-digit PIN displayed on the TV screen, making it possible to manually pair both devices.”

Currently, devices that want to pair with a Chromecast first need to be connected to the same WiFi network.

Google developer Boris Smus outlined how the new connectivity technology works in a blog post last year and produced a video showing how it could be used to display content streamed by a mobile phone on a television:

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