Survey reports on use of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay in the US

More than a quarter of US consumers (27%) with an eligible smartphone have used Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay, according to research released by Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG). 39% say they would use mobile payments more if more stores and apps accepted it, while 61% say that they are now replacing cash transactions with mobile payments.

ACG“On average, users report that 17% of their discretionary spending was done with mobile pay,” the firm says. “Even when they find a store that accepts mobile pay, only one third of US mobile pay users (31%) pay that way every time they know it is accepted, most frequently citing that they simply forgot.”

“It’s important to remember that less than half the smartphones that US consumers carry are capable of mobile payments,” says Marianne Berry, managing director of ACG’s Payment Insights practice. “Reaching for the phone instead of the wallet isn’t an automatic reflex, even for mobile pay enthusiasts.

“Overall, satisfaction with mobile payments is quite high at 80%, despite complaints about low merchant penetration and inconsistent customer experience at point of sale. Mobile payment has yet to reach the tipping point that will take it from novelty to norm.”

The research surveyed 2,004 US consumers with an Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay eligible smartphone.