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    News in brief

    Samsung Pay Beta goes live on Gear S2

    News in brief

    An update to the Samsung Gear app is adding access to Samsung Pay for the Gear S2 smartwatch. “To get the mobile payments feature setup, you do indeed need to be up and running with the latest software on your Gear S2,” Droid Life reports. “Then look for the latest update to the Samsung Gear App that seems to include the option for Samsung Pay Beta.” The beta is currently available for Bluetooth versions of the Gear S2 devices only. Reports surfaced that Samsung Pay would be going live on the device from November 2015. Its launch was delayed in December.

    Filed by Email Rian Boden Published • Last updated 19 July 2016, 13:12

    • Benjamin Corcoran

      THE ENTIRE POINT of the Gear S2 is to “leave your phone behind”. So after months of unexplained delay, why the **** would samsung release a stupid Samsung Pay app beta for NON-3G/4G watches ONLY???

      Screw Samsung for excluding their 3G/4G users from this LONG-AWAITED feature they promised. Shameful. 잡스러운.

    • Joe

      Any word on when it will be available for 3G/4G watches?

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