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    News in brief

    Yandex.Checkout gets QR codes

    News in brief

    Russians can now make payments through online payment service Yandex.Checkout by scanning a QR code with the Yandex.Money mobile app. “Once the code is scanned, the app will show the product’s name, seller and price,” the company says. “The user chooses a payment method — either Yandex.Money e-wallet or a bank card linked to it. QR codes can be placed either on material goods, documents or digital products.” More than 76,000 online stores use Yandex.Checkout, while Yandex.Money has 4m users. Yandex.Money added NFC to its mobile app in April 2016.

    Filed by Email Rian Boden Published • Last updated 29 July 2016, 15:09

    • Willam Hugh Murray, CISSP

      Note that this system uses optics rarher radio. Should work with far more mobiles.

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