Apple to build mobile payments business around iTunes credits?

A further four patent applications filed by Apple and relating to both NFC and mobile payments have now been published, clearly signalling that the company’s interest in near field communication technology goes well beyond simply making it easier to sync devices — and suggesting that the company may have major plans to develop its own mobile payments business. More

Finalists announced for 2010 NFC Forum Global Competition

The NFC Forum has announced the twenty finalists for its 2010 Global Competition. This year’s entries covered a broad span of consumer and business application areas, says the NFC Forum, and came from Asia, Europe and North America. They included projects in mobile couponing, healthcare, building access and security, retail merchandising, online user authentication, nutrition management, gaming, online banking and support for the disabled. More

Banks get serious about NFC

OPINION: Interest in near field communication is gathering pace in the financial services sector, fuelled by the arrival of NFC-enabled microSD cards and a recognition that there is a business model to be found — so long as you look for it hard enough. More