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    CommBank adds Kaching for Android — without NFC

    July 6th, 2012

    “We would prefer to start using the chip that comes with the phone,” says CommBank’s head of online banking, but “currently the NFC chip (the secure element) in Android NFC-enabled phones is not available to us.” More

    PayPal outlines vision for mobile ‘wallet in the cloud’

    March 29th, 2011

    PayPal has outlined its vision for providing consumers with a mobile ‘wallet in the cloud’, but revealed it is agnostic about NFC as a technology for turning that aim into reality, ReadWriteWeb reports. Speaking at… More

    NFC news in brief • 15 Nov 2010

    November 15th, 2010

    News in brief from the NFC world and beyond: Banks deploy OTP cards • Qantas expands next generation check-in • Visa and Gap tie coupons to purchasing • iPhone users max their cards • Subway picks Facecash • Nokia retrieves Symbian • Mobile coupons gain ground • Barclays reports contactless stats • and more… More

    Could PayPal bump NFC’s P2P ambitions into touch?

    Could PayPal bump NFC’s P2P ambitions into touch?

    March 18th, 2010

    A new technology from US start-up Bump, which lets consumers use phones equipped with accelerometers to make peer-to-peer payments and share images or contact details, has been adopted by PayPal for its new Send Money service. More

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