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    Amazon Payments

    News about Amazon Payments.

    Three in 10 use mobile for Pay with Amazon purchases

    February 8th, 2017

    Nearly a third (32%) of all transactions made through Pay with Amazon — the service that lets customers make online payments on third-party merchant websites using the information already stored in their Amazon account — were done on a mobile device in 2016. More than 33m people have now used the service to make a purchase, with its payment volume nearly doubling last year.

    Apple Pay ranks fifth in online payments survey

    November 10th, 2016

    Apple Pay now has a 0.25% share of payments on the top 10,000 websites, analytics firm SimilarTech reveals, ranking in fifth place behind PayPal with a 2.36% lead, followed by the PayPal Subscribe Button (0.98%), Stripe (0.35%) and Braintree (0.32%). Amazon Payments comes in eighth place with 0.07%. Among the top 100,000 websites, Apple Pay remains in fifth place with a 0.11% share of the number of overall payments. It launched on the web in September 2016.

    Amazon expands its payments business

    April 5th, 2016

    Amazon has launched the Amazon Payments Partner Program, a new service designed to enable ecommerce platform providers and developers to offer merchants Amazon Payments, which allows customers to log in and pay using their account with the online retail giant. “The program is free to participate in and available by invitation in the US, Germany, UK and Japan,” Amazon says.